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Anti Money Laundering

FinTech start-up ComplyAdvantage, produces a range of AML software solutions for a number of clients and industries.

The ways, means and reasons that money accrued from dubious sources is fed into banking streams, is ever increasing. The mission to educate and impel financial institutions of their obligations to comply with 
international laws and security checks to stop this, is similarly and ever expanding remit.

As such ComplyAdvantage’s sales and PR departments are busy outfits, with a range of media communications and interactive engagements to get their messaging and products across. They employ KPG74 to bring these to life with online animations and games, some of which are detailed below…

2020 Global Compliance Report Animations

New year, new resolutions… with the political landscape in flux, and the explosion of new start-up financial tech companies entering the system, never before has the tools and intelligence from AML compliance firm ComplyAdvantage been more in demand.

A fresh stock-take of the Global Compliance market was called for as well as future predictions and ideas. The report was to provide a base for ComplyAdvantage to create a media buzz, seminars and ultimately leads to sell products. The intended audience was as wide as possible within the financial sector, and as such the text could be hard-going for some with limited knowledge, so a range of animations were commissioned to keep the reader entertained.

The animations were be created firmly in the new ComplyAdvantage brand style, live online, be fully responsive and light in file-size.

Read the full report here… See the animations below…


Opening animation showing the swirl of money in the global financial washing machine.

US Diverging From The Rest?

Highlighting the political dance of compliance and divergence between the EU and the US.

Geopolitical Hotspots

Highlighting the global impact of US led sanctions around the globe.

Money Laundering

Estimated amount of money laundered globally in one year is 2 – 5% of global GDP.

AMLDs 5, 6... and counting

Highlighting the EU’s different versions of Anti Money Laundering Directives.

Asian Fusion

Illustrating the section focussing on the disparate nations and regulations of the APAC region.

Digital Identity

Highlighting the section on DIs, such as biometric, face and voice recognition as well as block-chain technologies.

Machine Learning

ML, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing are all highlighted in this section and illustration. 

Safe as Houses

Illustrating the flow of funds and investments into lucrative property markets and the regulations around them.

Integrated Risk Management

Highlighting how larger institutions are integrating different financial crime departments.

Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)

Illustrating how public and private financial institutions share information within regulatory frameworks.

SAFE for Cannabis

Detailing the US’s Secure And Fair Enforcement Act that helps legalised Cannabis firms enter financial streams.

Catch Me If You Can

The Real-Time Transaction Monitoring Game

AML Transaction Monitoring software is one of ComplyAdvantage’s main offerings. They wanted to showcase the complexities and range of issues that their service can solve in a fun and engaging way. They had decided that a game of some sort was the answer and commissioned KPG74 to resolve what and how this should be delivered.



3 main AML streams were chosen to showcase, and each one assigned to a persona to which 3 different money-laundering scenarios were played out for the user to attempt to identify and apply Transaction Monitoring rules to stop. A scoring system was devised in order to create a leaderboard and promote competition amongst players and the whole concept was locked-down with wire-framing before design and animation began.

Test animations

‘Bare bone’ animations were created as proof of concept for each section of the game. After the user has applied the Transaction Monitoring rules they think are relevant for each stage of a scenario, they are presented with an animation that visually feedbacks how successful they have been, before they receive their score and more detailed feedback.

Design phase

Once the flow and the full user experience was mapped out, the graphic design phase could begin, with colours, illustration styles and animation touches to bring it all to life.

Tweaks and changes were still to be made at this point, as only when the full responsive build is available, and tested on multiple devices (desktop, tablet and mobile) can usability testers get the full experience.

Only once the first scenario was fully fleshed out and signed off, was it duplicated and edited to the other two scenarios for the completed build.

Check out the final build and see if you can catch the filthy money launderers!

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