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Financial regulation made easy...

Global financial regulation has become a big industry in modern times as a result of recent market crashes and abuses. It is now, both vast and complex with different markets imposing different rules, regulations and guidelines. Keeping your financial institution compliant and jumping through these ever-changing hoops within these markets can be a laborious and challenging task.

CUBE offers a suite of tools under it’s “RegTech” banner, than can greatly ease the pressure of compliance with whatever financial regulations your institution faces, and will also help you stay one-step ahead for likely future changes.

The challenge set by CUBE to KPG74 over a number of projects, has been to explain the various topics and motivations within this industry in a fun and engaging manner.

Online Advertising

Taking the recommendations from the guidelines an online ad suite was developed to include 9 seconds of autoplaying gameplay video, key-art animation and 3 call-outs. Localised to 5 territories the ads were trafficked on Google networks and date change CTA buttons automatically updated from “Pre-order” to “Out Now” on the release day.

It's Raining Regs Game

A fun, fast-paced browser-based game to illustrate the hectic world of financial regulation and the increasing speed that different regulations will fly at any growing financial organisation.

By controlling CUBE’s mascot players attempt to catch as many of the falling regulation icons as possible amassing the highest score possible.

By submitting your high-score to a leaderboard, CUBE captures your details for future marketing and the player earns bragging rights against their peers!

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Hands-free version for Expos

The game is used globally by CUBE at trade shows and exhibitions. However, when first deployed we were in the midst of the COVID pandemic. Trade shows were still possible but attendees were understandably nervous at handling keyboards and mouses on public displays.

The solution was to develop a hands-free version of the game, where a QR code is scanned and the game can then be controlled by the player’s phone. Not only did this alleviate fears of handling a keyboard that had been handled by many others, but it also meant that as well as capturing the player’s details for the high score entry, when finished the player was left with CUBE’s details on their phone.

Crypto Craze Game

Highlighting the volatile nature of the Crypto Currency market and the increasing layers of regulation that are being applied to it, this browser-based game was created as a tool to help CUBE lead the conversation.

Used in online marketing and at exhibitions, the player controlled the Cubot with a simple mouse click or tap, in order to navigate a stylised graph line of the Crypto market, trying to collect as many coins as possible.

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Social Media

CUBE regularly hosts web-chats with distinguished experts on various topics of financial regulation. The video quality and sound recorded is of varying quality, so the challenge for their social media was to bring these recordings together in an impactful presentation that would grab scrollers attention on LinkedIn and immerse them in the conversation. Plans to standardise recording quality and composition have been made for future iterations!

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