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The Discord platform has quickly established itself as the comms app of choice for gamers the world over. The brief from french agency Carburant was to create a series of explanatory videos to showcase the myriad of ways the channel can be used and promote it to ‘not-just’ gaming audiences.

The irreverent and bizarre tone was to be adopted, a unique set of genre illustrations were commissioned using the Discord characters, and from these a range of video ads and App-store images created.

Genre illustrations

3 compositions of the Discord characters highlighting the 3 most popular topics of discussion on the Discord platform.


A plethora of gaming channels are set up on the Discord platform, by game developers and gamers alike. They are used for hype, feedback and simple daily communications and relations.


From the biggest sports institutions to the most obscure hobbyists. Video is uploaded, memes created and all manner of daily competition and sporting life is discussed on a wide range of channels.


The ever-growing popularity of Japanese inspired Manga comics and Anime films in Europe has a very strong market in France. Hotly discussed, appreciated and creatively responded to on Discord channels.

Showcase Videos

A series of videos were created to highlight the different ways in which users engage in and become part of different conversations using a range of technology and formats offered by the Discord platform.


Highlighting the Directories feature on the platform, this video shows how no matter your passion, you will find a range of fun channels to engage with over a number of topics by browsing through the directories on offer.


Once you have found or created the right channel or server for you, there are a range of ways in which you can engage. Text – instant messaging and postings. Voice – live chat and commentary. Video – video meets and live streaming.


Discord quickly grew in popularity as a quick an easy messaging app where you could easily set-up whatever bizarre channel you wished to discuss and throw as many friends as you wished into the mix. This video highlights that bedrock of the app in a typically bizarre Discord fashion.

App Store Images

Preview images to promote the App, in the main Apple and Android stores, as well as on specific campaign pages.Bright backgrounds, colourful characters, and different themes all bringing the Discord fun and spirit to what is usually just dull screenshots of the product.

Continuous Background

A seamless background has the Discord Wumpus character, in jet-pack, flying from screenshot to screen shot, leading the viewer on through the App promotional text.

Colourful Characters

Colourful backgrounds and Discord characters bring life to the App screenshots, and highlight the themes of the promotional text.

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