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Disney+ had quickly established themselves as a market leading TV subscription service for ‘adults with kids’, so the main task for promotion on their social media channels was to expand their subscription base by engaging ‘adults without kids’.

Grabbing their attention with fun, engaging, and unusual social media posts, and showing them the extensive range on offer on their platform.


On busy channels where the audience’s attention is being assailed at every thumb-scroll, sometimes the best way to cut through the noise is to offer something a bit more ‘left-field’ and unusual. Offer a message or an experience that at first glance is a little confusing or different, and then cemented with a little bit of interaction, creates a memorable experience that users will want to share and comment upon.

Swipe in and sing-along to this memorable song from this creepy film, that transitions the focus from Halloween to Christmas with absolute perfection.

Put your finger on the dagger and give it a spin to start the creative, which then pays off with the scene from the film and TT.

Fun little interactive 2 frame carousel, splitting the production shot of this iconic “love-scene” from The Empire Strikes Back, posted on Valentine’s Day.

Conversation starters

More than a simple click of the like button or share of a post, commenting and joining in the conversation as well as directly involving another social contact, was Disney ultimate goal. Creating posts that immediately posed a question, provoked a debate, or challenged the viewer to play a quick game or answer a question proved effective in a number of ways for a number of different titles.

A simple challenge, to provoke a lot of debate, and of course highlighting all the Toy Story films, as well as a host of other Pixar films are available on Disney+

Using stills of Jeff’s emotion-full face from The World According to Jeff Goldblum, the creative simply asks the viewer which Jeff they are feeling today. An easy interaction, simply presented for max engagement.

A gallery of crazy characters, from this cult classic, simply presented, created a lot of conversation. A lot of memories and love for the film, were shared and commented upon.

Inspiring motion

With key-arts, production stills, trailers and often the full video to use from the different titles, although with many limitations of what we could and couldn’t do, there was still plenty of ways to create inspiring pieces of motion to stand-out, and inspire them to check the different offerings.

Cinema-graphs, short loops of inspiring art, either re-animated from stills or short edits of video.

Short edits from the main trailer, subtitled and looped to put over the main premise of the series.

Quick edits of the stand-out stunts from each movie in the series, gets over the range and action on offer.


The quick win of the meme! An inspiring image coupled with a poignant message can produce a high yield in engagement for a low amount of production time. A template was set-up and the format could be easily applied to numerous titles.

Tapping in to the hype surrounding Marvel’s Hawkeye, The Chronicles of Narnia, get a boost with this simple tie-in around Christmas time.

A magnificent tale of new horizons and survival, Life of Pi was a perfect title for promotion around New Year, even more perfect, 2022 was to be the year of the tiger. 

January can be a challenging month. Juno is an arresting, down to earth comedy. The two make a perfect send-up for the regimes people under-take at this time of year.


With its variety of tools with which to engage audiences, the Story format provided fun ways to use the assets available. Making the Disney+ channel light-hearted and entertaining made sure audiences looked out for it’s posts and were willing to engage.

Quizzes were a fun way to test the audiences knowledge of the classic titles on offer on the streaming service.

Vote sliders were put to use in a variety of ways. In this instance to provoke engagement around the nation’s favourite beverage.

Polls are a quick engagement, that can be used in long or short form deliveries.

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