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While the video-games industry continues to thrive, its presence on the high street (as with most industries) is a continuing challenge. One retailer still with a healthy position is the GAME store. With a diversifying offer of Pre-order and Pre-owned offers, they also offer plenty of related merchandise and hardware within their stores.

E3 Featured Games

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The brief from GAME was to create brief animations to introduce the key-arts of the top six featured games at the E3 Games Expo (Los Angeles, June 11-13, 2019). The goal was to capitalise on hype and reactions from the gaming world’s premiere event, and make sure expectant fans knew where to come for pre-ordering and release days.

Pre-owned Games

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Still a healthy revenue stream for GAME is the ‘Pre-owned’ games market. With significant savings available for AAA games that have been sold back to the store for re-sale. Simple animations of the key-arts were required to introduce the titles and their new second-hand price points.


Xclusive Offers Template

The frequency of ‘quick fire’ deals and offers exclusive to GAME are high in the run up to the Christmas period. Therefore an eye-catching branded template for all online ad sizes is needed to fly them out to the target audiences. A simple delivery of the GAME logos with a consistent reveal of the products and offers was the answer. A full suite of sizes was produced and numerous offers swapped in and set live through FlashTalking.

Full Suite of Ad Sizes

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Offers August – November 2019

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Shopping Basket