Online Branding, Display & Social Campaigns

The Digital Marketing Leadership Course ran from January – July 2018 and was an intensive grounding in all aspects of Digital Marketing, which included 4 Modules, 4 pieces of group and solo coursework and several online exams.

I was delighted to receive a Distinction grade and able to immediately apply learnings into current projects.

Course Modules

The course consisted of 4 modules:

1. Digital Trends

2. Data Analysis and Insights

3. Digital Channels and Strategy

4. Staying Ahead of the Curve

Within the modules there were 4 projects to conduct and organise with online peers and solo. Several online timed tests and examinations were also undertaken..

Lessons were conducted over live-video with eminent industry leaders.


After completing all 4 modules and the following projects: 

1. Earth Airways – Self-Flying Passenger Carrying Drones Disruptive Concept

2. Volare – Self-Driving Serviced Cars Disrupting Automotive Travel

3. Activade –  Rehydrating Sports Drink Marketing Proposal

4. Voice Search – Industry Whitepaper

And numerous online tests and lessons I received a Distinction grade and finished within the top 5% of the global class.

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