Online Branding, Display & Social Campaigns

Injustice 2

The much anticipated sequel to 2013’s head-to-head fighting game; Injustice, was set to take full advantage of all the latest tech that modern consoles could offer.

With super-HD graphics, extensive cut-scenes, an intricate gear-up and reward system and the largest roster of playable superheroes and villains ever before seen!

The campaign needed to get across the sheer breadth of characters, the engaging storylines, the customisable capabilities and the skill levels required to master the myriad of fighting moves and tactics available with the offering.





Wonder Woman

Harley Quinn

Dynamic Programmatic Online Ad Builds

3 dynamic ad builds allowed the trafficker to choose from different concepts: Story, Fight or Game.

They could then type in a code to make the ad display one of the 6 most popular superheroes:
Batman  |  Flash  |  Superman  |  Supergirl  |  Wonder Woman  |  Harley Quinn

And finally whether they wanted the ad’s messaging to appeal to:
Superhero Film Fans  |  Superhero TV Fans  |  Cosplayers  |  Casual Gamers  |  Action Gamers  |  Competitive Gamers

The ads were then adapted to 5 different sizes for 9 different languages.

Click here to see the built ads in DoubleClick…

6 x 3 x 6 x 5 x 9 = 4,860 Ads Delivered

Social Media Toolkit

A range of social media executions were provided as part of the toolkit:

Cinemagraphs  |  Canvas Ads  |  Polls  |  Carousels  |  Takeover Video Posts


Website Takeover

970×250 with background skin and auto-playing overlay.

Point of Sale and PS4 Homepage

with Wonder Woman theatrical release count-down tie-in.

Guerrilla Poster Campaign

The in-depth storyline behind what is primarily a 1v1 fighting game is one of the game’s USPs.

The narratives behind the main characters was used as part of a UK-wide poster campaign.

Point of Sale Toolkit

A range of POS executions produced for circulation to stores Europe-wide.

Shopping Basket