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Need a free booster in Candy Crush Saga? Watch this video to earn credits and get popping! Mocked-up and commissioned ad edits for King to promote to prospective clients to demonstrate where and how their advertising could look in their mobile games, currently played by 272 million people world-wide.


Most of King’s games are played in portrait so the challenges were as follows:

• Creating animated start and end frames to bookend the adverts

• Animated subtitles added for adverts with dialogue

• Branding added top and bottom for the videos that proved difficult to be edited into portrait

State Farm Insurance Ad Suite

As well as the most popular portrait 9:16 format, horizontal 16:9s and 15sec, 30sec versions are also needed to ‘cover all bases’. All needing animated subtitles for players with sound off.

Full edit – 16:9 30secs
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Lift edit – 9:16 15secs 
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Teaser edit – 9:16 15secs
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Full edit – 9:16 30secs
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