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Shadow of War

The sequel to the BAFTA award-winning Shadow of Mordor needed to make a big impact on the gaming industry in order to stand-out in a busy launch window.

The main concept centred on the slogan and central premise of the game that “Nothing will be forgotten”. This reassured fans that the alliance systems developed in the prequel were carried forward into the game, and that the tangled web of alliances and enemies were set to continue and get even more complex.

The campaign focused on an epic theatrical live-action trailer and how to make it work over as many digital channels as possible.

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Interactive YouTube Campaign

The theatrical trailer was dissected into different decision paths, and the viewer was invited to decide whether the hero should Save or Slay the final orc subject, and how…

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Play Video

Save Options
Promote your saved orc to be your bodyguard, overlord or spy

Slay Options
Choose an execution for your slighted orc

Orc Pursuit Campaign

The interactive experience was seeded over TrueView networks, which pulled the audience in to the funnel.

All decisions were recorded as the user progressed through and then fed into online advertising.

The final resulting Orc then followed the user around the internet over DBM ad networks, with progressive messaging appropriate to the phases of the campaign.

Save Ad Variants – 
Bodyguard, Overlord, Spy

Slay Ad Variants – 
Burned, Cursed, Gang

Dynamic Programmatic Online Ad Builds

Each ad size could be coded by the trafficker to deliver 1 of the 6 final Orcs with a choice of 4 messages.

 Adapted to 6 sizes and localised for 10 territories.

6 x 4 x 10 = 1,440 Ads Delivered

SnapChat Lens

In conjunction with Warner Bros and Snapchat we conceptualised and created the Wraith World Snapchat Lens, as well as Snap Ads supporting launch events across Germany and France.

The Lens gave users the opportunity for to share a selfie video of them balancing between the two worlds that Talion, the main protagonist of the game, occupies.

YouTube Masthead

Localised for 9 territories and co-ordinated for launch day Europe-wide.

Click here view the full animations…

Point of Purchase Displays

A suite of POP options were created, the Selfie-opportunity display with the ‘War-Machine’ key-art being a favourite…


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