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Put down roots in the valley...

Story of Seasons has existed in many guises ever since it debuted as Harvest Moon on the SNES back in 1998. This latest production brings the title up-to-date for modern consoles and brings this cosy farming sim into full bloom.

After growing tired of city life you settle down in Forgotten Valley and take over your parent’s old farm, mix with the local community and spirits, find a partner, start a family, and experience a slower pace of life.

A relaxing way to while away a few hours, for all the family, Story of Seasons is back and is more Marvelous! than ever!

Logo development

The word heavy logo needed to be workshopped with a number of approaches in order to find the right solution for a gaming franchise whose logo had been adapted many times previously.

Brand guidelines

An online document setting out the assets available and recommending how they be applied for various marketing formats. It was shared far and wide to different Marvelous! territories and media partners…

Online Advertising

Taking the recommendations from the guidelines an online ad suite was developed to include 9 seconds of autoplaying gameplay video, key-art animation and 3 call-outs. Localised to 5 territories the ads were trafficked on Google networks and date change CTA buttons automatically updated from “Pre-order” to “Out Now” on the release day.






TikTok Videos

Quick fire TikTok videos to get across some of the basic mechanics of the game and gain awareness with the younger player base.

Amazon A+ Images

Product detail images to be used as part of the Amazon arsenal wherever the game is referenced or sold.

Beauty Shot

The Beauty Shot is a catch-all presentation of the Special-Edition package for the most beloved of fans who want it all!

As well as art-working the notebook, stickers and poster for print, we created the Beauty Shot image for promotion ‘everywhere’ online.

Social Headers

Promotion over social channels is a big driver for Marvelous’s in-house social team, both for acquisition and retention.

They tasked us to create bold headers for their main social channels as well as creating a few high impact social creatives and templates for the in-house team to follow.



Live-action Launch Trailer

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life is Marvelous’s premier ‘cosy game’. A relaxing game to while away a few hours, for family members of all ages. As a game that traces it’s heritage way back to the Harvest Moon series, first released on the Nintendo Super Entertainment System (SNES) in 1998, it has a special place in the heart of many fans, who remember playing it on various consoles over various decades.

Now re-released in a slick new production, with the Nintendo Switch intended as its main platform, the time was right to celebrate the vibe and longevity of the game with a live-action trailer. Ramping up the nostalgia and tugging at the heart strings of the fan-base to both re-enter the franchise and enjoy it with the family now around them was the main mission.

The concept devised for the trailer was of an 8 year old boy relaxing in his home playing Harvest Moon on the SNES back in 1998. As the camera pans around him it takes in the decor of the era and every time it returns to the boy, he has aged up and is playing the next iteration of the game until we arrive at present-day and this latest release: Story of Seasons – A Wonderful Life, as he offers the game on Nintendo Switch for his own 8 year old daughter to play.


Establishing shot of the exterior of a modern home. Autumn weather blows, 8 year old boy arrives home on bike, before dropping it in the yard and heading inside.

Camera pans in through the front window, where we see the boy settling into a bean-bag in front of a 90’s TV set.

Boy plays Harvest Moon on the SNES console as camera continues to pan behind him and turns to see the game on the screen.

Pan of the camera slows as we focus on a short snippet of gameplay.

Mum walks in front of the screen, delivering milk & cookies for the boy, the camera pan speeds up again and follows her.

Mum sets the milk & cookies down as the camera pans off left.

Camera continues circling round the room. Some furnishings have been changed and modernised, lighting subtly changes and weather outside suggests winter.

Camera pans back to the boy. now aged 15 years old as he relaxes playing Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life on the Nintendo GameCube.

Camera pans back to TV (early 00’s flat screen), which now sits on a modern cabinet with more modern furnishings around. Harvest Moon on GameCube plays.

Pan of the camera slows as we focus on a short snippet of gameplay.

Camera continues circling round the room. Some furnishings have been changed to suggest a bachelor pad, lighting subtly changes and weather outside suggests spring.

Camera pans back to the boy, now a man aged 23 years old  He relaxes on a sofa with a Nintendo 3DS.

Camera sweeps behind the man, then cuts to a close up of the 3DS screen. Gameplay of Harvest Moon plays.

Cut to girlfriend landing on the sofa and bumping into him, setting the camera moving again.

Camera pans round the back side of the room (kitchen / diner).

As we arrive back at the front of the room, the man is now aged 32, and sits on the sofa with his 9 year old daughter, mum looking on as they play on Switch.

Gameplay of Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life plays on the Switch.

End frame of gamebox and Switch console on the family coffee-table.

Final trailer

BTS footage

Shoot Details

• 2 day shoot at RD Studios, Wembley, London (1 day set-up, 1 day shoot)

• 6 actors (3 child, 3 adult)

• 1 set redressed 4 times

• G6 Moco camera mount and track

• Props from Superhire props

• SNES, GameCube, Wii, and Switch consoles

• Blue feather trophy by KPG74

• Bearnard the bear by Marvelous! Games

• Seasonal flowers by Devon Paper Flowers

• Seasonal green screen image from ShutterStock

• Coffee supplied by the Esso garage!


• 8 year old boy: George Peddler

• 15 year old boy: Ben Peddler

• 23 year old boy: Hugo Papiernik

• 32 year old boy: Shaun McKee

• Girlfriend and mum: Abigail Johnson

• 8 year old girl: Sienna Lenton

• Concept and production: KPG74 & Marvelous! Games

• Set design and build: Olivia Snowden and crew

• Crew and Direction: Large Format Films

• Post production: Ecstasy of Gold

• Additional direction: Mirko Parmigiani

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