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Even in this increasingly digital world, people still love to buy and gift Blu-Rays and DVDs. Universal would regularly identify theatrical releases that were most likely to do well in the Home Entertainment market and brief out marketing campaigns that would maximise the sales.

These would typically involve online ads, social media, interactive games and point of sale. Below is a selection on a few of these campaigns.

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Jack Reacher

Never Go Back

The second movie in the Jack Reacher series had mediocre success at the box office but was ear-marked as just the type of movie to achieve more on the home ent. market.

A full suite of online ads including an interactive overlay game was produced to engage the targeted audience around the types of websites they frequent.


Billboards  |  Interactive Overlay  |  Takeovers  |  Social Media


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Amy Schumer hits the big-time with this critically acclaimed romcom that was destined for great sales in the home ent. market. With much meme-able content played out on social channels Universal also required a suite of online ads to push the sales. The pièce de résistance was the above ‘slider’ creative that played on Amy’s problems in sharing a bed and asking the viewer to engage with the creative to share what percentage of they bed they normally end up with!

Interactive Billboards  |  Expandable Mobile Ads  |  Takeovers  |  Social Media


Comedy Gifting

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A campaign to push Universal’s extensive back-catalogue of stand-up comedy Blu-rays and DVDs. With only the cover-art to play with, the challenge was to create snappy, eye-catching and humorous animations that would attract fans and gifters in a pre-Christmas market.

Mpus  |  Expandable Mobile Ads

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Dwayne doing what Dwayne does best! Perfect action-flick for a lad’s night in! 2 subtle variants of the ad suite were created. One which was more focussed on Dwayne himself, and another that focussed more on the action. This gave ad traffickers a bit of control over what audiences to bid for and target.

Mpus  |  Leaderboards  |  Skyscrapers  |  Social Media

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